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Courses Offered - Part-time

Undergraduate Level Courses

Course TitleQualificationUCAS Code
BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering (Top-Up)Bachelor of Science (BSc (Hons)) H200
HNC Computer Game DesignHigher National Certificate (HNC) 354G
HND Computer Game DesignHigher National Diploma (HND) 154G
BSc (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Top-Up)Bachelor of Science (BSc (Hons)) H600
HNC Health & Social Care Higher National Certificate (HNC) 115L
HND Health & Social Care Higher National Diploma (HND) 015L
HND Health & Social Care (Management)Higher National Diploma (HND) 315L
BA (Hons) Health and Social Care (Top-Up)Bachelor of Arts (BA (Hons)) L510
HNC Hospitality Management Higher National Certificate (HNC) 178N
HND Hospitality Management Higher National Diploma (HND) 078N
HND Travel & Tourism Management Higher National Diploma (HND) 038N
HNC Travel & Tourism Management Higher National Certificate (HNC) 138N


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