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Legacy Courses (Pre-2010)

Essential Notes on Academic & Vocational Awards

The College is a traditional establishment of higher education operating within the Provisions of the UK Education Reform Act passed by Her Majesty's Government in 1988/1992. All academic awards such as undergraduate Certificates, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Licentiates and Postgraduate Certificates & Diplomas are granted by UK recognised awarding bodies and/or as indicated per each previously published legacy course on our web site. In addition, the College is also affiliated to LCUCK, Alabama and LCUCK, Louisiana (both chartered and incorporated as non-profit degree-granting institutions in the USA to award Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in a wide range of subject majors. For attestation of authority click here ). Under this Affiliation all students who have successfully completed their HND awards or equivalent qualifications at NQF/QCF Level 5 will be offered full transfer credits to continue their studies by attending a 1-year full-time top-up course to complete their American affiliated undergraduate degree in the relevant subject major of their choice. Similarly all student who have successful completed postgraduate Certificate/Diploma courses at NQF/QCF level 7 will be given the appropriate transfer credits to continue their postgraduate studies by following a 1-year top-up course to complete their American affiliated Masters degree in the relevant subject majors of their choice. In addition holders of Master’s degree awards will be able to follow 2-year top-up research programme leading their Affiliated American PhD degree awards in any published subject majors.

It should be emphasised that presently this institution does not offer any undergraduate or postgraduate programmes leading to any UK degree awards other than what has been published on both our web site and prospectus.

Furthermore and for quality assurance purpose all undergraduate and postgraduate top-up written and oral examinations are moderated by an independent panel of external examiners, comprising senior faculty members drawn from UK public sector universities. It should be noted that the College benefits from a high proportion of adjunct faculty, most of whom are highly experienced senior lecturers drawn from UK public sector colleges & universities. This helps to ensure both the consistency and the comparability of our American affiliated academic degree course contents and standards with other UK institutions.


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